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The Process

Build with Kerkhoff Homes

Kerkhoff Homes is focused on creating an exciting and enjoyable custom building experience for our clients through our five step building process:

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Construction Budget
  • Construction Management
  • Service

Our exclusive design and construction process was developed to guide clients, whether located in the Quad Cities or moving to the area, through what can be a challenging process, utilizing a step-by-step approach, helping ensure our clients achieve their new home dreams.

The Kerkhoff Process

- Completing each and every home to meet the unique needs of each and every family in the Quad City area.


The client will receive an introduction and overview into the Kerkhoff Homes building process, this consultation will lay the groundwork for all future meetings.

Preliminary discussions regarding design and style of home will be explored; as well as lot selection, budget and any custom features or amenities that the client wishes to incorporate into their dream home.

Award Winning Design

Designing your dream home is an exciting opportunity to create a unique living space that reflects your own personality and lifestyle needs. Jared will work closely with you to design a home that meets your wish list items, while at the same time stay within a projected budget.

To assist in the design phase:

Tours of existing and under construction homes can be arranged so you can view specific house styles, floor plans and building materials used within the construction of each and every Kerkhoff Home.

Another aspect of the design process is product selection -- this is your chance to incorporate your own sense of style into the finer details of your home, such as fixtures, cabinetry, flooring and wall paint. To help guide and assist you with these selections, an interior design team is available for you to use throughout the construction of your home.

Construction Budget

At Kerkhoff Homes, we believe in educating our client about the construction budget to eliminate any confusion that may arise during the construction process. This is achieved through excellent communication and a detailed construction spec sheet.

After reviewing the spec sheet and allowances, the client should have a firm understanding of what it will cost to construct their dream home – we make sure the client knows the cost of their dream home before the closing.

Construction Management

Throughout the building process, Jared reviews the plans and specifications of your home with his team of skilled professionals to ensure that product quality, construction budget and timelines are met.

An integral part of this process is the coordinating and scheduling of walk-thru’s with the builder, client and subcontractors at various stages of construction to make sure that each and every detail of the home meets the client’s expectations.


The Kerkhoff commitment to service does not end after the completion of your home. During the first year of ownership, a 45-60 day and a one year warranty follow-up is scheduled to ensure that everything is running smoothly and make minor adjustments as covered by our homeowner’s warranty.


Conveniently located near 53rd Street in Bettendorf at Crow Valley, this family friendly community is the ideal home setting with close proximity to schools, shopping, dining, golf courses and recreational facilities.

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Grayhawk is located between Tanglefoot Lane and Tanglewood Road, east of Devils Glen Road and west of Middle Road. The lots in Grayhawk are unique — all of them are overused and many are wooded.

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Pigeon Creek

Conveniently located near 53rd Street and Middle Road in Bettendorf, Pigeon Creek offers spacious heavily wooded and walk-out lots. Each lot features custom-built homes rich in craftsmanship, quality and design.

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Your Lot

Kerkhoff Homes didn’t invent custom, on-you-own-lot homebuilding, but for 16 years, we’ve been working hard to reinvent it. To make it more customer-oriented, affordable and practically unlimited customizable choices.

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